Top Trade Idea for November 1st – EUR/AUD

Trading with momentum may be a favoured short term strategy. Over the last two days EUR/AUD has turned sharply negative.
 whereas there square measure execs and cons on each side of EUR/USD, in my opinion, the argument in EUR/AUD is clearer cut. Growth potential,
interest rates, trade goods upswing – to ME these all purpose to a stronger AUD and weaker EUR.
Have a glance at that MACD – powerfully trending downward and crossing the zero line. I want in.

I SELL EUR/AUD on the breach of the candle low at one.4297. Not solely will now to lower lows,
the “big figure” breach might augment commerce momentum. It’s potential the try might do some work around these levels,
 therefore I’m keeping a good stop at one.4312, able to re-sell on any more fall below one.4300.

The target zone is clearly outlined on the chart. 1.4127 is that the low, however I’ll target one.4145 to confirm a safer exit.

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